1955 Lincoln Wheat Ears Doubled-Die Cent

The 1955 Lincoln Wheat Ears Doubled-Die Cent was created through an error of the coin creation process by the US Mint.

Mintage: 20,000+ (estimated)
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As working obverse cent dies were being created by the Philadelphia Mint from a master hub, one of those dies was slightly misaligned as it received one of its impressions. This die went un-noticed and was placed in a coin press for use. After thousands of coins were struck with the die (estimated somewhere between 20,000 – 40,000), employees at the Mint noticed the problem and pulled the die from production.

Still, thousands of the coins made it into circulation and almost immediately created a frenzy among seasoned coin collectors as well as novices.

The doubled-die is most easily noticeable by the date and inscriptions of the coin. Fakes are common as well as examples known as "Poor man’s Doubled-Die". Poor mans are coins which have a similar appearance to a Doubled-Die but were created through other means.

History of Lincoln Cent Designs

Abraham Lincoln has been featured on several versions of the cent coin since 1909. The 1955 Doubled-Die Cent features the Wheat Ears design which was used from 1909-1958. The complete list of designs used is shown below:

  • 1909-1958 Lincoln Wheat Ears Cent
  • 1959-2008 Lincoln Memorial Cent
  • 2009 – Lincoln Birthplace Cent
  • 2009 – Lincoln Formative Years Cent
  • 2009 – Lincoln Professional Life Cent
  • 2009 – Lincoln Presidency Cent
  • 2010-? – Lincoln Union Shield Cent

Issue Information

The 1955 Doubled-Die Lincoln Cent is a popular coin among collectors.

Release Date

The US Mint released the 1955 Doubled-Die Cent during the same year as minting.

Issue Price

As a circulating coin, the US Mint released the Doubled-Die Lincoln Cent for $.01.

U.S. Mint Production Facility

While other mints struck the 1955 Cent, only the Philadelphia Mint was responsible for the Doubled-Die version.

Designer & Sculptor / Engraver

Victor David Brenner designed the obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) of the 1955 Lincoln Doubled-Die Cent. It was the same design that had been featured on the cent coins since 1909 and showed a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse with two ears of wheat on the reverse.

Face Value: $0.01
Finish: Circulation (Business Strike)
Composition: .950 Copper, .050 zinc
Standard Weight:


Standard Diameter: 0.750 in. or 19 mm
Edge: Plain

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