2004-P Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Uncirculated Silver Dollar

The 2004-P Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Uncirculated Silver Dollar was the second commemorative coin released by the United States Mint in 2004 and celebrated the bicentennial of the famous expedition into the newly obtained Louisiana Purchase.

Mintage: 500,000 maximum across all product options
Final Mintage: 142,015
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The expedition was led by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and is known today by their last names. However, it was called the Corps of Volunteers of Northwestern Discovery when the men undertook it.

Taking two years, the journey allowed the duo to chart the mostly unexplored territory and meet many Native American nations along the way.

Previous US Mint Commemoratives

The Lewis & Clark Silver Dollar is just one of many strikes released by the US Mint under the modern commemorative coin era which began in 1982. Some of those strikes preceding the Lewis & Clark Dollar included:

  • 2003 – First Flight Centennial Commemorative Coins
  • 2002 – West Point Bicentennial Commemorative Coin
  • 2002 – Olympic Winter Games Commemorative Coins
  • 2001 – American Buffalo Commemorative Coins
  • 2001 – U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Commemorative Coins
  • 2000 – Leif Ericson Millennium Commemorative Coins
  • 2000 – Library of Congress Commemorative Coins

Surcharges are added to the sale of each commemorative coin. The funds raised are given to organizations that were dictated by the legislation which authorized the coins..

Issue Information

Struck from 90% silver, each Lewis & Clark Silver Dollar has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

Release Date

The US Mint released the Uncirculated Lewis & Clark Coin on May 12, 2004.

Issue Price

The initial price charged for the Lewis & Clark Uncirculated Coin was $33.00.

U.S. Mint Production Facility

Each Lewis & Clark Silver Dollar was struck at the US Mint’s facility in Philadelphia and show the ‘P’ mintmark.

Designer / Sculptor / Engraver


Both the obverse (heads side) and the reverse (tails side) of the Lewis & Clark Silver Dollars were designed by United States Mint sculptor/engraver Donna Weaver. Captains Lewis and Clark are shown on the obverse on the banks of a stream planning another day of the expedition. The reverse features two feathers representing the many Native American Nations contacted by the Lewis & Clark Expedition along their way. At the center is an image of the Jefferson Peace Medal which the team gave to the Indians as they met them.

Coin Specifications

Face Value: $1
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 90% silver, 10% alloy
Standard Weight: 26.730 g
Standard Diameter: 1.500 inches
Edge: Reeded

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