2007 Washington $1 Coin and Medal Set

The 2007 Washington $1 Coin and Medal Set contained examples of the premier strikes for two different series from the US Mint.

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Included in the set was a George Washington Presidential $1 Coin and a bronze medal replica of the Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coin. It is not surprising that those two strikes were the first for their respective series as George Washington was the first President of the United States and Martha was his wife.

Both series were authorized by the Presidential Coin Act of 2005 (public law 109-145) and both first appeared in 2007 with the strikes included in this set.

2007 Presidential Coin & Spouse Medal Sets

The US Mint typically issues four Presidential Coin and Spouse Medal Sets annually. The four released in 2007 were:

  • 2007 – George Washington and Martha Washington
  • 2007 – John Adams and Abigail Adams
  • 2007 – Thomas Jefferson and Liberty
  • 2007 – James Madison and Dolley Madison

Of note, the act authorizing both series made allowances for the spouse coins if the president served without a wife or husband. In that instance, an image of the mythical figure of Liberty would be used on the spouse coin instead. This is exemplified by the Thomas Jefferson and Liberty set shown above.

Issue Information

The Washington $1 Coin and Medal set includes both the uncirculated coin and medal mounted in a plastic card with colorful images of each honored individuals imprinted on it.

Release Date

The United States Mint released the Washington Coin and Medal Set in 2007.

Issue Price

Issue price on the Pierce Set is listed at $7.95.

U.S. Mint Production Facility

The uncirculated Presidential Coin included in the set was minted at the US Mint’s facility in Philadelphia.

Designer & Sculptor / Engraver

The portrait of George Washington found on the obverse (heads side) of the $1 Coin was designed and sculpted by Joseph Menna. The Statue of Liberty is featured on the reverse (tails side) of all of the Presidential $1 coins and was designed and sculpted by Don Everhart.

Joseph Menna also designed the portrait of Martha Washington found on the obverse of her coin and medal. The reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Don Everhart to show Martha sewing a button on her husband’s uniform.

Coin Specifications

Face Value: $1
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 88.5% Cu,
6% Zn,
3.5% Mn,
2% Ni
Standard Weight: 8.1 g
Standard Diameter: 1.043 in. or
26.49 mm
Edge: Lettered

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