First Spouse Gold Coins & Medals

The United States Mint First Spouse Gold Coin series is authorized by the same law (Public Law 109-145) that is responsible for introducing the Presidential $1 coins in 2007. The one-half ounce 24-karat (.9999) fine gold coins and corresponding bronze medals featuring American First Ladies are released during the same schedule as the Presidential coins.

Each coin is minted from West Point in both proof and uncirculated conditions for collectors, with pricing that can change weekly depending on the price of gold itself. Mintage levels for the gold pieces have varied over the years, with new issues coming in at a low 15,000 across both product options.

Shown below are links to the coin guides for each first lady coin and medal sets from years 2007-2010.

2012 First Spouse Gold Coins

Alice Paul

Frances Cleveland (1st Term)

Caroline Harrison

Frances Cleveland (2nd Term)

2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

Eliza Johnson

Julia S. Grant

Lucy Hayes

Lucretia Garfield

2010 First Spouse Gold Coins

Abigail Fillmore

Jane Pierce

Buchanan’s Liberty

Mary Todd Lincoln

2009 First Spouse Gold Coins

Anna Harrison

Letitia Tyler

Julia Tyler

Sarah Polk

Margaret Taylor

2008 First Spouse Gold Coins

Elizabeth Monroe

Louisa Adams

Jackson’s Liberty

Van Buren’s Liberty

2007 First Spouse Gold Coins

Martha Washington

Abigail Adams

Jefferson’s Liberty

Dolley Madison