US Commemorative Coins

The United States Mint has produced many billions of coins over the years. A small portion of these were specially struck to honor and celebrate historic events, people and places. These Commemorative Coins have been produced in both gold and silver and in numismatic proof and uncirculated qualities. Each has a limited mintage.

All modern releases since 1982 have been mandated by the U.S. Congress with coin prices including surcharges that are given to organizations, foundations, etc., as stipulated by the coin legislation authorizing them. There have been some stunningly popular issues, but also a few that were greeted with little excitement in the collecting community — at least when initially release.

In recent years, two commemorative coins per year have been minted. Shown below are links to coin guides for modern commemorative over the last dozen years.

2012 Commemorative Coins

Infantry Soldier

Star-Spangled Banner

2011 Commemorative Coins

Medal of Honor

United States Army

2010 Commemorative Coins

Disable American Veterans for Life

Boy Scouts of America

2009 Commemorative Coins

Louis Braille Bicentennial

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial

2008 Commemorative Coins

Bald Eagle Coins

2007 Commemorative Coins

Little Rock Central High School

Jamestown 400th Anniversary

2006 Commemorative Coins

San Francisco Old Mint

Benjamin Franklin

2005 Commemorative Coins

Chief Justice John Marshall

Marine Corps 230th Anniversary

2004 Commemorative Coins

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

Thomas Edison 125th Anniversary

2003 Commemorative Coins

First Flight

2002 Commemorative Coins

West Point Bicentennial

2002 Olympic Winter Games

2001 Commemorative Coins

American Buffalo

Capitol Visitor Center